Taking your power back.

The process of hypnotherapy is designed for you to be able to take your power back. For a long time now, you have been fighting the part of you that has been causing the problem that has caused you the interest in hypnosis.

Well, it is pretty safe to say that that part is winning! If fighting hasn’t worked up until now, it is clear that more fighting isn’t the best answer. Another approach is to end the fight, and start communicating with the part that is causing the problem. The chances are excellent that this part has something for you that is wonderful.
Imagine being in a shopping mall, and you see a friend of yours across the way. It just so happens you have a gift for him, and giving him that gift is going to make him – and you – very happy. So now you want to get his attention. You call his name. If he doesn’t answer – you call louder. If he doesn’t answer – you tap him on the shoulder. If you doesn’t answer, you shove him, then you’d smack him, then you might give him an elbow to the kidney, then a baseball bat across his knees!

The point is that you would do things that cause more and more pain. Not because you want to hurt him, but because you have a gift for him, and he hasn’t been paying attention.

If you are in some sort of pain – emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, behavioral, in a relationship, at your job – maybe you haven’t been paying attention.

Isn’t it time to find out what gifts are waiting for you inside yourself?

All it takes is your attention, a bit of courage, and a little guidance. Replacing inner conflict with inner peace and communication will let you use the power that you already have to live the life of your dreams.

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